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pressure ever north of cape hatteras, north carolina, has come into the east coast of the united states. at 940 millibars. that's where this thing stands right no the previous low pressure was 1938 with the long island express hurricane that came up and slammed long island and new york and n e with a pressure of946 millibars. so we are 6 millibars lower. the pressure, of course, a measure of the deepness of the storm, the intensity of the storm, and the lower that pressure typically the stronger the storm. sitting at 940 and that right there is chapter two, history in the making. >> where is the statue of liberty right there behind you? is that right behind you? >> frank, statue of liberty, i don't know if you can zoom out to it. you can see it kind of in the haze but notice out there, too, almost at the top of the water there, the white caps that are showing up and then there's kind of this white area where it looks like there's a much stronger wind. obviously once you get away from the building and things, it's blowing like crazy out there. like i said, don't be thinking that the wind
to witness it today personally. it's my honor to introduce to all of you the president of the united states. >> good job, chris. i have to say that governor christie, throughout this process, has been responsive. he's been aggressive in making sure that the state got out in front of this incredible storm. and i think the people of new jersey recognize that he has put his heart and soul into making sure that the people of new jersey bounce back, even stronger than before. >> let me get to this, governor rendell. you're a pro. and i think you can tell people right now, in a couple of minutes, how different it is being a professional politician from being your average, passionate political person, who roots for one side against the other. but doesn't understand what it's like to work day to day with somebody from the other political party, and finding common ground. you've done it, when you worked with w. when he was president. explain how that works. you put aside the partisanship and you work together. >> well, you have to. and particularly in an emergency management. because the whole syste
. half of that ticket is a member of the united states house of representatives who obstructed this president since day one. he has to say, hold me responsible as president but hold your representatives responsible, too, because i've been dealing with that crowd over there for the last four years. they haven't exactly been doing what's in the best interest of the american people. and you -- >> i was in massachusetts and i was -- >> being a severely conservative republican -- >> and let me -- >> there are no examples of where he disagreed with his own base, tea party, zero. >> let's go to you, chuck. it seems romney took control of the stage last time. he walked in like the ceo to a boardroom. and he took over physically almost. obama -- certainly the moderator were at loose ends to try to catch up with him. how does the president walk into a room where there's this big guy with total ego, self-confidence facing him down. will he look him in the eye? will he stare him down? does he want to do that? >> reporter: i think there's going to be a little of that, but both sides have be
is the republican nominee in the state of indiana for the united states senate. let's take a look we've got a couple guests, u.s. congressman gwen moore from wisconsin, recounted her ideal in this horrible situation and we also have msnbc star, howard feinman. congressman moore, i want to talk to you about your own feelings, attitudes and experiences that might put a light on this thing. candidate for the united states senate in indiana saying if a woman is raped and has a pregnancy she should be forced by law to have that child. if you read the republican platform it basically says criminalizes abortion in any case. go ahead. your thoughts. >> well, i could tell you as a survivor of rape, legitimate rape, whatever kind of rape you want to call it, i caution the women of america to not allow mitt romney and these senators to take over our government. they will totally eviscerate the rights of women to control their own destiny. i could tell you, rape is not rare, and you know, i differ with michael steele and others who say that they have just been inarticulate. they are really articulating the view
? >> well, the united states chamber of commerce probably is pushing for that because they sent in a lawyer to argue against lilly ledbetter the two times i testified in the house and the two times i testified in the senate. so they are not for the ledbetter bill. >> it makes sense he's getting pressure. >> he is. >> that doesn't show good faith with american women. american women vote. most of the voters, yet he'd rather go with the downtown group, with the u.s. chamber of commerce. why? that's got to be psychological. why does he feel more comfortable with a bunch of guys downtown with some money to spend when he has all the money in the world? >> well, because he's their candidate. he represents them. that is what he's going to restore to the white house, but i also think we have to say, he will not commit to being against it either. i mean, ed gillespie came out and said, well, it turns out he was against it in 2009, and then he had to come out and say, well, actually he didn't take a position. and then somebody came out and said, well, actually, he was against it. he just -- >> dare i
industries, to re-industrialize the united states? can that sell as a proposal for the next four years? >> you know, i think it might sell with some members of his base. i don't know if it's -- if it works with swing voters. i think the problem for him is he's out of money because we're going bankrupt. he also needs a big idea on how we're going to deal with our big bankrupt nation he helped, you know, some helped with bush and others. but it's a problem. >> he's not going to do that. >> he can't have a big idea. >> that's what all republicans want to do. they say do nothing in government and then you don't do anything, they say how come you've done anything and if you do anything they say why are you spending money. you can never win that argument with republicans. they'll never give you credit because that costs money -- go ahead. >> if the president is fighting in the ring of deficit reduction, he's unfairly he's going to lose. republicans had as much to do with that as he does. >> let's go -- let's go back to last night a little bit. i want to run through some interesting points be
straight months of job growth here in the united states of america. 5.1 million jobs created in the private sector. and unemployment at 7.8%, the lowest it's been since the president took the oath of office in january of 2009. things are moving in the right direction. this campaign is moving forward. we've got 30 days to go, and we're focused on voter registration, getting our voters more educated, and then out to vote, and when you talk about all those polls, one poll up, one poll down, what i'm focused on is the polls opening, at least in pennsylvania and many other places across the country, on november 6th, because the only poll that matters is the poll on election day. polls open at 7:00 in philly, close at 8:00. that's what we're talking about. >> okay. let's take a look, president obama spoke to his hollywood backers last night at an l.a. fund-raiser. it sounded like he realized how bad things went. he wasn't as good as you were right now, mayor nutter, but let's take a look. >> everybody here is incredible professionals, such great friends, and they just perform flawlessly night aft
the united states could knock out some of our missiles even if only one or two big ones were left, we could still hit new york. an awful lot of people would have been wiped out. consequences. understand the consequences. that's what foreign policy is about. war isn't a policy. we have no idea what the mullahs plan to do if we attack. they could unleash hezbollah and it's tens of thousands of rockets on israel, unlash hamas in gaza forcing israel to invade killing any number of civilians. where would we be then? mr. romney's performance in foreign affairs to shhis shoot first and request questions later suggests a bull who brings his china shop with him. i'm joined by "the huffington post" howard fineman, john heilemann, and delaware attorney general beau biden. our special guest must be given the first question. you will not like this question, sir, mr. attorney general. >> it's "hardball." >> general, can i call you general? >> beau is good. >> thank you. >> does romney win if it's a tie tonight? does he win if it's a tie? >> the president is going to be the strong decisive commander in ch
in the united states are women, and -- so they're paying out of pocket as they go along, they don't have enough money to set aside for their retirement. they are very reliant on social security and certainly medicare. they don't have $6,000 a year extra that it will cost if romney and ryan get their hands on medicare. and by the way, if romney and ryan get their hands on medicaid, half of medicaid dollars go to support nursing homes in this country. thousands of -- >> and a lot of people impoverished themselves to get their parents into these homes. there's no long-term care under medicare, only medicaid. why are you smiling? >> mitt romney doesn't know where he stands on the lilly ledbetter act on fair pay. >> i'll get back to you on that one. alex wagner, thank you. for laughing at just the right time. and terry o'neill. >>> the surge, what surge? we said it yesterday, romney gained after the first debate, but the idea of a relentless romney surge isn't supported by the numbers. we have the numbers to prove it. >>> and here comes the cavalry. bubba is riding in to save the day. he already has
president of the united states. >> you know, that's not an unfair shot. he basically believes he has those pledges in his pocket. he knows he can control fiscal policy in the congress with or without the new president. he's got romney's arms tied in the same way that the religion right has his arms tied on abortion rights, same-sex, the way the neo cons have his arms tied in terms of foreign policy. >> one question either the moderate or obama should ask, name one issue in which you plan to puck your party, one issue in which you plan to stand up to house republicans, one issue in which you don't plan to govern as a severe conservative as you described your record in massachusetts before you were describing your record as a bipartisan bridge builder. >> would he come out with a sister souljah moment on request? >> that could request. were you a severe conservative or are you the reaching over the aisle -- across the aisle kind of guy? which is it? but you've got to -- as i said before, you have to go at romney the person. it's not romney's policies because those don't really exist. it's ro
-t with machines -- >> oar people outside the united states. no, chris, this is the great mystery of the rage of the plutocrats. the reality, when you look at the numbers, actually barack obama has been a pretty good president for the plutocrats. as you say, stock market has recovered. clinton was, too. the stock market has recovered. it's the middle class that's -- >> what drives a guy who makes a ton of money, has a lot of power, or woman, to be fair -- >> there aren't that many women. >> why do they vote republican? is it they don't like having a president who knocks them? they're embarrassed by his children when the president comes -- the president says, you're a bad -- he doesn't say that. he says, they should all pay their fair share. >> it's something different all together. they're looking for an incredible promise. no rules. and understand -- >> that's what romney said last night. he wants it to be a playpen where everybody in the world -- cowboy comes in the country and, there's no epa, there's no taxes, there's no -- there's no capital gains. everything is like -- there's no estate
president of the united states, i applaud colin for standing with him. he supported a bankruptcy and eventual support from the federal government after the bankruptcy. but the important thing is that's the past. >> that's the moving target that colin powell talks about. that's his last position, john. you can't -- you shouldn't have brought that up, john. that was a bad thing to bring up. >> hey, bill, why don't you shut up for a minute and let me tell you facts. >> this president wants to bring the country together. he wants to bring the country together. >> by saying that mitt romney's a bser? >> he's created more racial division than any administration in history. >> oh, come on. come on. >> oh, come on. let me go to joy on this thing. i know i pushed this point but every day it becomes truer. every day you see the thread collected, the language urser used, the way they talk about the president, not as a democrat, not as a liberal, not as someone they disagree with, but someone about whom the very person is wrong for the office somehow. what do you think they're talking about?
? sorry. i thought it was president of the united states. the person who will lead the west, lift this country up from long economic struggle, take us to a stronger, fair american future. i'm looking for the big thought tonight, the fresh, crisp, candid thinking that is the very essence of any set of solutions we can come up with. a fear a sling shot war, pestering salvos, crating bites for the next tv ads, words to be packaged and pitched out to us as examples of spontaneous vision and uncanny wisdom. i'm looking for the real thing. smart calls to action by someone who knows his number one job is simply to tell us what needs to be done. i'm joined by former white house press secretary dee dee myers and howard fineman. how does mitt romney overcome the last two months or so of bad campaigning? where he has been over the london olympics and over the libya and their feelings about the economy, how does he build up his presidentialness and bring down the economy aspects all in one night? we >> well, tonight chris, we see the real mitt romney. he's going to have to answer questions an
the president of the united states playing with the bureau of labor statistics number. this is nixon stuff. this is what nixon did back in the old days. >> chris, don't lose it now. >> i'm not losing it. look at my face. i'm not losing it. >> i can't see your face. >> do you want to take back the charge -- >> no, i don't want to take back one word in that tweet. >> so you assert as of now, 5:00 this afternoon, these chicago guys will do anything, they can't debate so they change thms. >> i didn't say what they did. i said they'd do anything. >> and what did they do here? >> they've been calling mitt romney a liar, a falsehood for the last 48 hours after the debate. >> okay. but you don't have any independent evidence. you didn't get any evidence between the time the numbers came out this morning at 8:30 and 8. 356789 when you tweeted. you didn't use that five minutes to gather any actual information or evidence -- >> no, but i tweeted last night. chris, twited last night that i predicted it would be at 7.9%. >> okay. and why did you make that prediction? >> because i guessed that's what wo
candidates. and i want to know exactly who is the current president of the united states and how long the term is because i'm against this lifetime thing. i mean, do you really think there are people that really -- let me ask you this, i'm feeding you this, stephanie, my friend. >> okay, good. >> you're pro-choice, that's obama. you're pro-life, that's the other guy. >> bailing out the auto industry, that's obama. >> fur you're for vouchers, the other guy is for medicare. that's nothing complicated. >> what are you doing later? >> it seems like a simple thing. a single woman who is concerned about her reproductive rights, you don't have to watch television to decide. i heard there was a swing among single women toward romney. they never talked about abortion rights. >> you have seen the back around fort with romney over the past couple days. he understands he has a women problem. en what did he do, he tried to soften his position on abortion. but what did his campaign do? they called tony perkins and said don't worry, don't worry -- >> who is the president, andrea saul or mitt romney.
amendment and certainly can't be taken out of the country. they're a citizen of the united states. you can't leave. so if you don't want to get thrown out of the country, get pregnant. auto they can't even move you without violating the 14th amendment rights of life, liberty, and property of the fertilized egg. this is how unthinking i think they are within their own prejudicial map they try to figure out. >> massive hypocrisy and short-term thinking has characterizing almost all of the thinking around women and their bodies. all of this stuff, whether it's defunding planned parenthood or the personhood amendment or the mandatory ultrasounds, this is all parted of a calculated effort on the part of the republican party to shame and intimidate women in what is an incredibly difficult, horrible decision. no one makes this choice out of joy. no one comes out of the doctor's office happy about this. what they have done is systematically denigrate women and their ability to know what's best for them and their families. it's an economic decision, it's a moral decision, it's a religious decision,
of the united states. it's not just an angry black man and all that stuff i don't quite understand. you're president of the united states. you don't want to get in a mud fight with the other guy because the minute you do that you lose the advantage of office and he can start throwing mud even further at you. if this president gets down in the ditch tomorrow night, does that give romney more license to get even dirtier? more aggressive? >> i think david corn is right that he's not going to get down in the pits like that, but he can be just as direct and powerful without sort of lowering it to that standard. that's not who he is. i doubt very much that he would do that. first of all, he has a certain sensibility of himself as president, a little bit even of grandeur about it. he doesn't like to be -- to lower it in that sense. i'm not expecting that. i'm just expecting him to be more direct and using the opportunity of the town hall to also be warmer with the audience and more direct with them. >> would you say he's going to hit the points like 47%? would he use points like vouchers? woul
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 100 (some duplicates have been removed)

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